Контрольная работа по английскому языку на тему «Прямая и косвенная речь» (повышенный уровень)

Ex. 1 Turn the following statements from direct into reported speech.

1 “I’II paint the house next week”, he says.

He says (that) he will paint the house .

  1. "I've put the washing in the washing-machine,' Rose said.

  2. 'A giraffe is bigger than a mouse,' he said.

  3. 'We haven't seen Tom for two weeks," she said.

  4. 'I haven't phoned my uncle since last month,' she says.

  5. 'Birds can fly,' the student said.

  6. 'He's studying for an exam now,' she said.

8 'Leaves fall from the trees in autumn,' he said

9 'We visited the circus last weekend,” they said.

  1. She dropped the vase on the floor,' Tony said.

  2. He took the money to the bank this morning,” she said

Ex. 2 Turn the questions from direct into reported speech.

  1. How old are you?' he asked me.

He asked me how old I was.

  1. 'When will you call me?" she asked George.

  2. She asked, “Can you play the piano?"

  3. He aske,. 'Who's there?'

  4. Do you like fish?" she asked Jonathan.

  5. What have you done today?” Mother asked.

  6. Jim asked, 'Did you go to work yesterday?'

  1. How did you get here?' he asked.

  2. 'Have you seen my blue jacket anywhere?' she asked.

  1. He asked, 'Will you take me to work tomorrow?'

Ex.3 Turn from direct into reported speech.

  1. Mary said to me, 'Come with me, please.'

Mary asked me to go with her.

  1. The shop assistant said to the child, 'Don't touch anything.'

  2. The secretary said to me, 'Wait here, please.'

  3. The park keeper said to them, 'Don't walk on the grass.'

  4. He said to them, 'Don't stay out late tonight.'

  5. Annie said to Barry, 'Please, please help me."

Ex.4 Choose an introductory verb and turn the following from direct into reported speech.

advised, asked, ordered, warned, promised, begged, offered, refused, suggested

  1. 'I think you should eat more vegetables,” my mother said to me.

My mother advised me to eat more vegetables.

  1. 'Please get me a glass of water,' he said to Jill.

  2. 'No, I won't help you,' she said to Jim.

  3. 'I'll buy you something nice for your birthday,' her mother said to her.

  4. Don't play near the road because it's dangerous,' he said to us.

  5. 'Would you like me to do the shopping?' she said.

  6. 'Please, please don't leave me alone in the dark,' she said to her parents.

  7. "How about going to the cinema tonight?' he said.

9 'Go to bed! ... Now!' his father said to him.
10 “Shall we watch a video?' they said.

Ex. 5 Turn from direct into reported speech or vice versa.

'I've finished the housework,' she said.

She said (that) she had finished the housework.

  1. 'Why did you do that?' he asked her.

  2. Susie told her mother that Titanic was the best film she had ever seen.

  3. He told them to put the rubbish in the bin.

  4. 'Please answer the telephone,' he said to her.

  5. Alex said that they were going to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

  1. 'Are you going out on Saturday night?' Ben asked me.

  2. Adam said that he had never ridden a horse before.

  3. We'll go to the circus tomorrow,' said Mother.

10 Mr Carter told them to pick up the paper from the floor.

  1. Julia begged her parents to let her go to the party.

Ex. 6 Correct the mistakes.

  1. He asked me where was the post office.

  2. She suggested to visit the zoo.

  3. Mother said. 'You must always say the truth."

  4. The doctor told me to not exercise a lot.

  5. My parents offered giving me a lift to the railway station

  6. Our teacher said to us that the test was quite easy.

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