Проверочный тест

  1. Fill the gaps using the appropriate words from the list

Broadcast, enlightenment, major, presented, equal, service, novels, current, advertisement, surf, worldwide, educational

  1. More and more people nowadays understand the importance of … .

  2. An interesting political speech is being … on Channel One now.

  3. This company offers customers good …, high quality and reasonable prices.

  4. Yesterday a new documentary was … on BBC Channel.

  5. We are going to discuss the … economic situation.

  6. Violence on TV is a … problem.

  7. is an essential part of any business.

  8. Oscar Wilde’s … have a … reputation.

  9. He is my … partner in business.

  10. When there is nothing to do, I begin to … the channels.

  11. Modern television offers a lot of … and entertaining programmes.

  1. Match the words with their definitions

1. a film or television programme that deals with real people and events

a. a cartoon

2. a television or radio series about the imaginary lives of a group of people.

b. a documentary

3. a film or television programme, especially for children, that is made by photographing a series of drawings so that people and things in them seem to move

c. a soap opera

4. a film, TV programme etc. that has been made from a book or play

d. a quiz

5. a game in which participants have to answer questions.

e. an adaptation

6. a television or radio programme in which famous people talk about themselves and their work

f. a talk show

7. a type of play performed by singers and an orchestra

g. a horror film

8. a film that is intended to frighten people, especially one about murders, frightening creatures, or evil people

h. an opera

  1. Open the brackets using the Passive Voice

  1. Talk shows are usually … on this channel. (to broadcast)

  2. A ballet performance … now. (to present)

  3. Fashionable jewellery … after my favourite film. (to advertise)

  4. The street … by the moon. (to light)

  5. A famous film star … in this chat show at 5 o’ clock yesterday. (to interview)

  6. A beautiful melody … on the radio right now. (to play)

  7. The problem of inequality … by the public every day. (to discuss)

  8. The BBC is a non-commercial television system which … in 1927. (to form)

  9. Famous feature films usually … at prime time. (to show)

  10. A marvelous concert … on Channel Five at the moment. (to give)

  1. Find the mistakes and correct them

  1. How many novel have you read?

  2. A comedy was being broadcast on this channel now.

  3. Different goods is advertised on television.

  4. Teenagers usually want to be equal for their parents.

  5. What do the letters BBC stands for?

  6. This film is base on real events.

  7. Non-commercial television isn’t show any advertisements.

  8. All right are reserved.

  9. The current situation is discussed right now at the meeting.

  10. His stories are often full of humorous.

  11. We lighted the candle because it became dark.

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